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Q. I don't know who to talk to about my building?

Every building/site has its own designated contact within EM. Contact the EM Helpdesk on 37784.

Q. Where can I get a plan of my building?

EM have a good archive of plans and drawings. The Capacity Survey Manager should be contacted on 37824.

Q. The builders are making a lot of noise/dust - What can I do?

The best course is to contact your EM designated person or project manager if you are having work done yourself. Your own Site Committee can be useful or contact the Safety Office on 33301.

Noise and dust can constitute a 'nuisance' under Environmental Health regulations. Contractors working under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations have a legal requirement to control noise and dust emanating from their works site.

Q. My department is planning to redevelop some old laboratories into offices - What should I be considering?

Early contact with EM is essential. Assume the old labs may be contaminated and get them monitored. The department is responsible for cleaning out any rubbish/junk/old chemicals etc. Any contractor coming in has a right to a safe workplace for his staff. The Safety Office can provide guidance and a limited environmental monitoring check and are willing to view plans at the feasibility stage if requested.

EM can check their design guides to confirm the appropriateness and legal compliance of your plans if consulted early enough. You must allow enough funding and time for contingencies such as decontamination or commissioning delays

Q. There is a nasty smell in my building - Does it constitute a health hazard?

What is the smell? Is it chemicals or drains? It is good practice to contact EM immediately and inform your building contact. It may be an Occupational Health Service issue or the Safety Office can attend on site and offer advice and support to the department if appropriate. Decisions regarding the management of any personnel issues relating to possible evacuation or relocation can only be made by the department concerned following advice given by the previously mentioned services.

Q. My office is very hot/cold. What is the maximum/minimum temperature allowed?

There is no maximum temperature under the current regulations. The wording in the Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations, Regulation 7.1: "During working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable." Contact your EM building surveyor and record the actual temperatures on a daily basis so that you have evidence. Please do not use a mercury thermometer as if they break there will be a mercury contamination problem. Alcohol or electronic thermometers are cheap and easily available.

EM have external monitoring (BMS - Building Management Systems) for many of the University buildings and can interrogate the system to see what has gone wrong. Call the Helpdesk at EM Maintenance Unit at Laundry Farm (37784).