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Safety Office


Health and Safety Auditing

Auditing is an essential element of the Health and Safety Management system of the University. This requires a structured approach to collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and, importantly, the reliability of the Health and Safety Management system within departments and institutions of the University. The aims of the University Health and Safety Management and Auditing Procedures system are to establish that:

  1. There is an effective health and safety policy that reflects all the activities of the department or institution and sets a clear direction to follow.
  2. There is an effective management structure in place for delivering the policy and ensuring the involvement and participation of staff, students and others. This must be appropriate to the department or institution.
  3. There is a planned and systematic approach to implementing the health and safety policy:
    3.1 The risk assessment process is an integral part of the management ethos of the department or institution.
    3.2 There are adequate risk controls in place, which are implemented and which are appropriate for the teaching, learning, research and work carried out by the department or institution.
  4. Health and safety is actively monitored by the department or institution, looking at premises, equipment, plant, hazardous substances and operations.
  5. The department or institution learns from all relevant experience and applies the lessons.

The Health and Safety Management Audit Question Set can be referenced to: