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Information for Departments and Institutions about the Graduate Safety Course

We provide this course centrally to give new graduate students a common basic level of safety information and training.

Information about this course is sent to new graduate students by the Safety Office. You can see this information on the page for graduate students.
Information for graduate students

We expect Departments and Institutions to

  • Reinforce the message about the importance of attending the events
  • Request excusals for students and inform students about excusals
    Excusals Policy
  • Provide induction into local safety arrangements
  • Check the attendance information that we send out
    Attendance records
  • Record attendance
  • Investigate non-attendance
  • Provide equivalent training for those who are excused
  • Ensure that all supervisors of graduate students are aware of the timing and importance of these events
  • Provide advice on further safety training

If you have any queries about the Graduate Safety Course which are not answered in these pages, please contact the Safety Office,