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On arrival for the first session students will receive an information booklet which has a unique ID number. The booklet will contain a form to be completed by the end of the first session and handed in so that students can be registered. The onus is on the student to complete this properly and legibily or they will not be registered as having attended. (Full instructions will be given on the day.)

Attendance cards will be available at every optional session. Students should write their number on the card and hand it in at the end of the session. If it is not handed in attendance will not be recorded so it is essential that students follow these instructions.

We record attendance at all sessions and send this information back to Departments and Institutions, normally to the Head of Department, the Departmental Administrator and the Departmental Safety Officer. One of these should check the attendance record and return a copy to the Safety Office, with reasons for non-attendance. We expect Departments and Institutions to investigate non-attendance and to provide equivalent training where necessary. Departments and Institutions should record student attendance on their own systems.