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Choosing which sessions to attend

Students often ask which sessions they should choose. It is impossible to provide a tailor-made timetable and training package for around 900 students, however, the following should help:

  • Anyone working with micro-organisms must complete the Biological Safety training.
  • Those working with ionising radiations must complete the 'Working Safely with Ionising Radiation/Local Arrangements and Regulations for Radioactivity' training.
  • Anyone who will be using cylinder gases should complete Using Compressed Cylinder Gases Safely training.
  • Anyone working with cryogenic gases (liquid or solid) should complete Using Liquid Nitrogen Safely training.

You do not necessarily need to attend every session. You only need to attend those sessions that are relevant to your field of study. Your supervisor, departmental safety officer or head of department should also be able to provide advice on which sessions to attend. 

Those of you whose research is computer based or management based should choose your options using the same criteria that would be associated with the basic discipline of your research. Chemical Safety plus Using Compressed Safety plus Using Compressed Cylinder Gases Safely may be a good starting point, for example, for a theoretical chemist who works at the computer, not the bench, in order toappreciate what may be happening 'down the corridor'.

If you are in any doubt as to the best choice of options, please speak to your Supervisor in the first instance or the Safety Office.